What Does Your Email Address Say About Your Business?

The increasingly connected world we live in today is highly reliant on email communication. Corporate communications also rely heavily on email for interaction between potential customers, existing customers and other businesses. Any serious business will have a number of email addresses depending on a team member, individual role or even department. This means that to maintain contact with […]

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Should You Spend Money On Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world. There are millions of active Facebook users on a daily basis. This social media platform has outgrown its purpose (communication among friends) and has become a powerful business platform too. Businesses that are planning to create serious marketing strategies should definitely include Facebook in their […]

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Should You Include Testimonials on Your Website?

There is no question that displaying testimonials from your customers on your website is a highly effective way to demonstrate the experience and expertise of your business, all the while instilling trust and credibility with potential customers. When done well, customer testimonials add legitimacy to your website and build trust with interested buyers. At the same time, it can provide your potential […]

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Understanding & Identifying YOUR Online Customers

Making a success out of your business idea relies largely on how well you understand YOUR customers. When you identify your target market and customise your marketing plan to reach them, you have a better chance of making sales and therefore turning profits. Most businesses fail due to the fact that they do not have a clear […]

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WE’RE Joining Blue September’s Fight Against Men’s Cancer

Blue September 2015 is here! Join WestVic Web in the fight against cancer in men and help raise funds towards cancer research & life saving equipment.   Blue September is a nationwide awareness and fundraising initiative for men’s cancer, supporting Australian Prostate Cancer Research and The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.   Blue September’s key mission in […]

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