Emojis for marketing YOUR business? It’s OK by us 👍

It’s odd. The general perception is that online communication is replacing ‘real conversations’. That texting, messaging or posting is impersonal, dry and can often be ‘taken the wrong way’.   People still talk in person. Of course they do. But more times than not we need to text our buddies, email clients or jump on […]

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Is 2016 the year YOUR business starts Content Marketing?

Almost every business, especially small and medium enterprises, have two common concerns – how they will attract new customers or clients and how they will keep the clients they already have.   The good news is, there is a simple solution that can help businesses both large and small, attract new clients and keep the existing ones coming back for more. That […]

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We Love WordPress & So Should YOU!

WordPress is an amazing online tool which our web developers use to create stunning websites for businesses both large & small in Warrnambool & beyond. Check out 5 favourite facts about WordPress websites!   Content Management System (CMS)   WordPress is a powerful CMS which provides several convenient options to website owners. You have complete […]

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STOP What You’re Doing & START Blogging Today!

Many website owners and business owners alike must be thinking why blogging is so important for ANY business and their marketing campaign. Well, the answer to this lies here.   Let’s say, your website is complete, it is full of content and you have applied on page and off page search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that give […]

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Blogging For Business Is About More Than Just SEO

Blogging provides a huge range of benefits for businesses both large and small. This highly valuable practice goes far beyond search engine optimisation (SEO). A lot of business owners believe that blogging will not be effective if their social media reach is limited, however blogging for business offers many more advantages than just driving traffic to YOUR company’s website.   […]

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