Are YOU having troubles with YOUR Marketing Agency?

We’re opening doors, not closing them!   While other agencies in Warrnambool are busy shutting down, we’re continuing to expand our company and grow our team.   With the recent news of other digital marketing agencies in Warrnambool going bankrupt and closing their doors, we’re putting our team forward to help lend a hand to anyone […]

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A Unique Web Design Process that Delivers RESULTS!

“We have clients, NOT customers”. At our Warrnambool Web Design studio, the team at WestVic Web work closely with our clients to understand their idea, get to know their goals behind creating the website & accurately transform that into usable, slick looking, beautiful website to be proud of.   Our web design & development strategy […]

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What Does Your Email Address Say About Your Business?

The increasingly connected world we live in today is highly reliant on email communication. Corporate communications also rely heavily on email for interaction between potential customers, existing customers and other businesses. Any serious business will have a number of email addresses depending on a team member, individual role or even department. This means that to maintain contact with […]

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Should You Include Testimonials on Your Website?

There is no question that displaying testimonials from your customers on your website is a highly effective way to demonstrate the experience and expertise of your business, all the while instilling trust and credibility with potential customers. When done well, customer testimonials add legitimacy to your website and build trust with interested buyers. At the same time, it can provide your potential […]

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WE’RE Joining Blue September’s Fight Against Men’s Cancer

Blue September 2015 is here! Join WestVic Web in the fight against cancer in men and help raise funds towards cancer research & life saving equipment.   Blue September is a nationwide awareness and fundraising initiative for men’s cancer, supporting Australian Prostate Cancer Research and The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.   Blue September’s key mission in […]

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How to DOUBLE Your LinkedIn Followers (Without Spamming)

Unlike other social media platforms that are available online these days, such as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn was created with business in mind. Starting from the way your profile looks, to managing business relationships, everybody in LinkedIn expect high-quality professional behaviour from you all the time. As you start to grow your connections, it is very […]

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