How Do We Create eCommerce Websites That Work Hard For YOU?

WestVic Web is committed towards creating simple, effective, affordable & easy to manage eCommerce websites to support YOUR business’ growth in South West Victoria.

By combining our professional experience in eCommerce web design & development, our unrivalled expertise in online marketing & a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviours, WestVic Web can deliver a cost-effective eCommerce website that provides maximum returns. From individuals & small businesses to large organisations, big internet brands, charitable organisations, real estate agents, forums and membership organisations, our eCommerce team have helped our clients create branding, embrace the latest technologies and achieve top search engine rankings for greater success. We value the opportunity to become your trusted partner in providing tangible resources for your digital/e-commerce needs. We love eCommerce! There’s nothing better than helping a new eCommerce business, launch online.

Expand your earning possibilities with an eCommerce website solution from WestVic Web. Many local business owners are taking their products & services to the web because of the amazing opportunities that the Internet has to offer – so why miss out?

As an established eCommerce solutions provider in Warrnambool, WestVic Web specialise in providing local businesses with professional & user-friendly eCommerce (shopping) websites, as well as unrivalled online marketing expertise to help you achieve success on the web. Our eCommerce web design and development team is experienced & equipped to readily assist you in building the best eCommerce business in your industry. Our feature-rich & cost-effective eCommerce website systems will suit your business’ needs & budget, whilst also benefiting from search engine optimisation & integration into popular social media platforms like Facebook so that you achieve improved lead generation & online sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCommerce website?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce is the process of displaying, selling and accepting payment for products and services via the web. It doesn’t matter whether you sell dresses and t-shirts or e-books and digital music. If a customer wishes to purchase from your website, you will need an eCommerce website.

What sort of products can I sell on my Website?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you undertake or what type of products you wish to sell online (so long as it’s legal). Some of the most popular types of eCommerce websites sell clothes, accessories, electronics, homewares, books and almost EVERY physical product available. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also sell downloadable products such as music, e-books, white papers and more. But wait there’s more! You can also sell your services to online users, including, consulting services, coaching, or services that you deliver in store. The possibilites are endless!

How many products can I sell on my Website?

How many have you got? Once again the possibilites are endless! WestVic Web has created eCommerce websites that feautre half a dozen products & eCommerce websites that feature over 100 products. The choice is yours!

How will customers pay for products online?

All the popular payment methods are available to your customers. PayPal, credit card, direct transfer, or even pay on pickup or delivery. We recommend using PayPal for security and peace of mind. Plus these days, who doesn’t have a PayPal account?

Can I update & add products myself?

YES! Every single eCommerce website we create at WestVic Web, YOUR local Web Design Company in Warrnambool, features a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) that makes it simple and straightforward to add, edit and update your entire product catalogue. The best part is, we provide FREE training to help you get on your feet sooner and start making money from the web!

How is shipping calculated?

There are a variety of shipping options to suit your individual requirements. You can choose from FREE shipping, flat rate shipping, or shipping via weight, distance or product type. You can even post internationally if your overseas customers love your products as much as your local customers.

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