How Do We Help YOU Build a BETTER Brand?

We help YOUR business develop a loyal following on Social Media, by creating a community of brand advocates who promote YOUR products & services for YOU!

Our expert Social Media Marketing consultants in Warrnambool will help you plan and implement a Social Media Marketing strategy based on a comprehensive brand and target audience investigation. Delivering the right content at the right time for your relevant demographic on appropriate social networks will work wonders for your desires to increase brand awareness and revenue generation. If you are already running your Social Media Marketing campaign but are unsure that your strategy is the ideal one for your business then our services could be perfect for you. Providing an expert overview of your social strategy to ensure that your content delivery is the best it can be will do much more than just deliver outstanding returns for your business and brand.

A team of social media experts that go above & beyond to truly understand your business, delivering creative & measurable campaigns.

Our social media specialists live and breathe social media and are therefore best placed to provide the best advice and recommendations on the latest trends, technologies and thinking. Social thinking is at the centre of EVERYTHING we do, from our strategy sessions and marketing services through to creative services and project management. We use this style of thinking to create clear and actionable plans, which will direct loyal followers to your brand and enhance business results. Let’s SUPERCHARGE your social media marketing with a strategy that delivers results and return on investment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is a unique marketing strategy and promotional tool that utilises Social Media Websites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) in order to advertise and endorse a business, brand, product or service. Despite the fact Social Media Marketing has many of the same goals as traditional advertising and marketing principles (improve brand awareness increase sales), the guidelines and best practices are vastly different.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a fantastic tool that has transformed the way we not only only receive information on the web, but how we promote our products and services. Social Media Marketing should be used to interact and engage with your audience and to nurture long-lasting relationships with potential and existing customers. Social Media Marketing done well, will provide the opportunity to develop brand recognition, increase the reach and awareness of your business, and connect with an even larger local or global audience.

How much time should I spend on SMM?

Time is of the essence and these days we all seem time poor. 15/20 mins in the morning and afternoon should be a comfortable time frame, this will give you time in the morning to prepare your posts, search the news-feed and like, comment and share. Then the same in the afternoon.

Which social networks should I spend my time on?

Understand your target market first, then work with the platform that best suits your market, make yourself an expert in that space. Firstly though, a must for your SEO Success is get a Google Plus profile, if you are a local business, get a page within Google for your business, put the google maps into your website, and register your business on Google places.

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