DIY SEO for Small Business

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process whereby you make your website more attractive to search engines in order for it to appear among the top search results (preferably at the very top!) Essentially, you want your website to be the answer that an online user is directed to after searching for related content on Google or any other search engine for that matter. However, this can only be achieved after you operate a correctly optimised website.


Keywords are vital for SEO


Keywords are the main foundation of SEO practices. Keywords are basically the common phrases that users search for on the internet. This could either be a phrase or a single word. Google uses website crawlers to make note of ALL the content on EVERY website. This process is known as indexing. When an online user searches for a keyword or phrase, the search engine then refers to its index and provides the results by determining which sites have the greatest relevance to that particular keyword.






With proper research and knowledge, it is easy to perform some basic SEO management of the content on your site. It is better to go for keywords that have reasonably low competition and high volume. The following tips will make it easy for you to start ranking higher on Google. Remember to always make the content readable as this will help to please your users, as well as the search engines.


  • Repeat keywords – Use the target keywords in web page titles, at least 3 times on your short webpages and 6 times on the longer pages. Consider copywriting services to ensure that the content flows naturally and ensure you don’t “keyword stuff”.
  • Place keywords upfront – Use the main keywords in the first sentence or first paragraph, as well as titles and headings where possible.
  • Write relevant content – Ensure that you not only focus on SEO and that the text is informative and relevant. If you do not provide relevant information on the keywords that you have chosen, users will leave your website quickly and look elsewhere.
  • Avoid duplicating content – You can use copywriting services to ensure that each page is unique and that there is no duplication in your website. DO NOT COPY & PASTE A HIGH RANKING WEBSITE!
  • Geographical location is important – When searching for local clients, ensure you state your area and the locations that your business serves often, as this will help Google rank you better within that area.
  • Company name or address should be repeated – Good SEO content should also have your name or address or both. This helps you rank highly for local results.


Investing in copywriting for great SEO content is a straightforward way of ensuring you increase your rank for specific search terms. All things considered, optimising your page content should be carried out regularly to ensure you are continuously ranked ahead of your competitors.


Despite the fact Search Engine Optimisation in Warrnambool requires an ongoing marketing effort that includes content creation, blogging, link building and social media syndicating, ensuring your website features SEO friendly keywords will have your business travelling in the right direction to achieving a first page Google ranking.


If you would like more information about SEO and how Web Design Warrnambool continue to deliver No.1 Google rankings, speak to our expert online marketing team today!

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