Our Tried & Tested Approach to SEO

We’ve perfected our SEO framework over more than 10 years, working alongside the biggest brands in Australia & local businesses you love.

“This is how we do it..”


WestVic Web offers the most diverse, in-depth strategic approaches to content marketing and SEO in Warrnambool. We ensure that tried and tested SEO frameworks and processes in conjunction with innovative thinking are the leading forces behind our strategic offering. This is what we believe separates the WestVic Web SEO product from the pack.


The landscape of SEO is ever-changing, and we continuously evolve our approach with it. Ultimately forward-thinking strategic management means having data and insights led recommendations; we don’t make decision on assumptions.


We always adhere to these SEO principles:

  • Be the least imperfect – SEO is never 100% but be better than your competitors (both traditional or search competitors)
  • Follow white hat ethical SEO – None of our clients has ever been penalised
  • Engagement is key – Rank for keywords that result in action
  • SEO can’t be siloed from the wider digital activity
  • Optimise all digital assets for SEO so they are discoverable
  • Ensure the strategy has the appropriate organisation structure and support
  • Implement quick wins immediately to build momentum
  • Implementation is key – a great strategy is pointless otherwise
  • Train stakeholders so they feel empowered – from the marketing team to the content team to IT team




SEO Objectives

Moving from optimisation to experience, WestVic Web has a unique approach to search engine optimisation. Our SEO team endeavours to improve and enhance:

  • Reach

Expand your business’ online reach through owned, organic assets (websites, content, images, etc.)

  • Discoverability

Allow people to discover more products and services through different types of content (tools, brochures, downloadable content, etc.)

  • Experience

Enhance user experience on organic assets through a data-led approach (user-friendly navigation, internal linking, etc.)

  • Sales

Increase digital sales opportunities using conversion optimisation techniques (optimised CTA’s, product pages, customer prompts)


Do you want local customers searching the web for your products and services to find YOUR business first? At WestVic Web we can help you attract highly qualified customers through a Warrnambool SEO strategy that sees your business climb to the top of Google!


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