Emojis for marketing YOUR business? It’s OK by us 👍

It’s odd. The general perception is that online communication is replacing ‘real conversations’. That texting, messaging or posting is impersonal, dry and can often be ‘taken the wrong way’.   People still talk in person. Of course they do. But more times than not we need to text our buddies, email clients or jump on […]

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Is 2021 the year YOUR business starts Content Marketing?

Almost every business, especially small and medium enterprises, have two common concerns – how they will attract new customers or clients and how they will keep the clients they already have.   The good news is, there is a simple solution that can help businesses both large and small, attract new clients and keep the existing ones coming back for more. That […]

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Creating An About Us Page With Awesome Content

If you have performed any research on internet marketing in the past you have seen it hundreds of times: CONTENT IS KING. But what does that phrase actually mean? Simply put, the information that is on your website is what is actually going to convert readers to leads and ultimately customers. That does not just mean […]

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