Creating An About Us Page With Awesome Content

If you have performed any research on internet marketing in the past you have seen it hundreds of times: CONTENT IS KING. But what does that phrase actually mean? Simply put, the information that is on your website is what is actually going to convert readers to leads and ultimately customers. That does not just mean you should focus just on your home page or landing page content.


All of your website content should work together to help you increase sales. In particular, the often overlooked about us page. Generic content is a great way to turn potential customers away quickly. Here are a few tips you should consider when creating your about us page to utilise awesome content in a way that helps deliver more customers:


What do you actually do?


When someone clicks on your about us page, they want to know more about your company, the people behind it and what you actually do. If you are in a highly technical field, explaining what you do without leaving people confused can be a bit tricky. What you don’t want to do is go on and on with a huge amount of technical jargon and insider information, full of terms everyday people will not understand. Your about us page needs to portray your business and brand values, explaining exactly why your company should be the first choice of customers searching for your products or services.


Show that you are real people.


The content on your about us page should not be something you would find on a Wikipedia page. No matter what type of trade, industry or business sector you operate in, you want to let your customers know that they are dealing with real people that have real solutions to real problems. Don’t come off like a robot in your about us page. A great way to do this is simply telling your story. Let your audience connect with you by telling how your company came to be, why you are doing what you do, and how it is going to help them.


Content is not just text.


Awesome content goes far beyond seeing a giant wall of text on your page. Another great way to connect with your audience is to use timelines, graphs, client logos, and staff images. Without any type of images on your about us page, it can seem distance and too formal. Be careful when choosing images, though! You don’t want a bunch of stock pictures uploaded to your page; use a group photo of your staff or some other image that truly captures your team. The simple addition of a face behind the company can boost your credibility and make it easier for your customers to trust you.


Is your about us page a little dry or outdated perhaps? At WestVic Web, we love helping local businesses sell their story through amazing website content. Let us help you liven up your about us page today!

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