Responsive eCommerce Web Design is a MUST!

If you have an eCommerce business in Warrnambool, whether you are selling a small selection of t-shirts & only have 6 or 7 products, or you mirror your entire store inventory online with thousands of different products, it is important that you are able to reach as many potential customers as possible. With mobile usage continuing to grow, not just in Warrnambool, but across the globe, having a responsive website for your eCommerce stores is extremely important, not only for users but for search engines as well.


What exactly is responsive web design?

If you have ever used a non-responsive website on your smartphone or tablet, you will know exactly what an unresponsive website is. The webpage tries to load the desktop version which can cut off sections of the website, leave text extremely small, & make it nearly impossible to navigate. Responsive web design, however, is a fluid approach to design that allows your website to adapt to any screen size, no matter what device your audience is using. If you view a responsive website from a desktop & then switch to a mobile device, the size of images & fonts & overall design appearance will change to provide the very best user experience possible.


Why is responsive web design so important?

There are two reasons having responsive web design is absolutely essential: for your consumers & for search engines. The most important reason is for your customers themselves. Without regular customers you are going to find it extremely difficult to make any sales, & if your customers find your site too hard to use or navigate they are going to be scrambling for the back button to find a competitor. Responsive design allows customers to enjoy straightforward access to your entire online store & checkout process from any type of mobile device.


Responsive design is also important for search engine rankings, too. Popular search engines such as Google are giving priority to websites that are mobile friendly. They understand how important mobile is (Google is the mastermind behind Android, after all) so websites that make it easy for users to navigate on any type of device will be rewarded with higher rankings than those that don’t.


How do I get a mobile store?

If you need an eCommerce solution that is 100% mobile responsive, get in touch with WestVic Web today. Our web developers create stunning, state-of-the-art mobile ready website designs for your entire shop, that offers all of the functionality & ease-of-use you need while being accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

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