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Your Audience Must Trust Your Website At Any Given Time!


You may have a good grip on the customer audience that you want to target online. However, if your website is not hosted with a local web hosting company in Warrnambool, you’re going to find that the audience will diminish over time. One of the biggest issues that business owners are facing today in regards to managing their website is simple, their pages aren’t loading fast enough. There are several issues that arise from hosting, and if you don’t get this straightened out quickly, things are going to look bleak for your website’s future.


The Uptime Issue


Most hosts tell you that they are going to be up 99% of the time. The reality of some cheaper hosting services is that your website may not be available when it matters most. The reason this happens is because many hosting companies resell server space, and load up servers with as many websites as they can. Shared hosting options can cost you a great deal, especially when a potential customer is browsing your website, and it takes FOREVER to load, if at all! Even worse, you may find your site not loading in the middle of a promotional rush, when more visitors are trying to make the most of your special sale. If your website is unavailable when you search for it or if it is loading slowly, then now is the time to think about changing hosting providers.


Gaining Trust


People online today are skeptical. They may not trust your website, brand, or business straightway. It’s for that reason that you need to make sure that you are benefiting from a high quality web hosting solution from a Warrnambool web hosting company. If you operate a trusted website that loads quickly and search engines crawl without errors, you will start to see your rankings rise, customer trust increase, and authority improve within the ranks of any major search engine.


Hosting Is The Foundation


If you were to compare web design to the blueprints of a house, you would find that the hosting elements are the foundation. With a good foundation, a home will be built to stand up without worry. Without the foundation in place, it will sink, and break down. Hosting is exactly the same. If you have a good, solid foundation in place, your website will stand up tall and while your competitors websites may be taking FOREVER to load, or unavailable at all, your website will be available and ready to accept its next sale. Do not ignore website hosting! It’s far too easy to get the wrong hosting solution.


If you are worried that your website hosting could be hampering your online marketing efforts, speak to Warrnambool’s hosting experts, WestVic Web. We offer reliable, yet affordable website hosting to local businesses.


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