Responsive Web Design will Make or Break YOUR Business!

Nowadays more and more people are enjoying easy access to mobile Internet thanks to the popularity and availability of web-enabled smartphones and tablets. Gone are the days when online users utilised only computers in order to access the Internet. Now with high-tech gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, even smartwatches, a large percentage of the population prefers these devices, for the majority of their web browsing activities.


Australian SmartPhone Owners


Nearly two-thirds of the Australian population now own a smartphone, according to new research which shows more time is being spent online using the devices than ever before.


Since mobile Internet usage is increasing day by day, it is essential that websites should be mobile friendly. Previously, a separate website was designed for desktop browsing and another version for mobile browsing, but this strategy used to create a huge number of problems and difficulties, both for the service provider and the user. But now as the time is changing, an innovative approach called responsive web design has been developed which enables the same website for both desktop users and mobile users.


Mobile Google Searches


Now more than 50 percent of total Google searches are performed on mobile devices.


As web designers, it would simply be impossible to keep pace with the increasing amount of new screen sizes and device resolutions. For many businesses and website owners, creating a separate website version for each and every resolution and new web enabled device that comes onto the market would be impossible! Responsive web design has been developed to solve this problem and provide for an optimal viewing experience on ALL devices, with easy to read content and simple navigation.


Now what is responsive web design?


Well, responsive website design means the website has been designed and developed in such a way, that all of its content, images, videos and on site elements responsively resize to the screen of any device. In other words, when an online user accesses a website on their desktop, they are getting the full view of that website but when they access the same website on their smart-phones then the site will automatically re-size itself to fit on the mobile screen.


Local Mobile Searches


90% of Australia smartphone users search for local products and services on their device!


But due to a range of factors, many businesses have not yet taken advantage of this new trend and are still displaying a website that does not respond well to different screen sizes.


Is your website responsive? IT SHOULD BE!


With mobile usage continuing to grow rapidly in popularity and availability, many businesses are finding mobile device compatibility as the perfect way to increase customer loyalty and accelerate brand recognition. If you haven’t already, isn’t it time you considered a mobile or strategy for your business?


Web Design Warrnambool can help YOUR business enhance the user experience of website visitors by creating a responsive website that looks great on ALL devices. Get in touch to get yours today!

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