3 Marketing Claims That Hurt Your Business’ Reputation

Assuming you don’t live under a rock or the back of beyond, chances are you’re an Internet user that spends a fair amount of time on this popular network on a daily basis. You have probably noticed that Online Ads are quickly becoming more and more prominent, as the benefits of marketing online become better understood by business owners both large and small.


There is no doubt that online marketing is effective and this is the reason why so many business owners are interested in promoting their business in an innovative manner. However, many experienced marketers believe that online ads are just another form of so-called deceptive marketing.


The copy of these ads are often created by experienced wordsmiths that do everything they can to ensure online users click on their ads, even if they are not genuinely interested in what is being offered. But, when an onine user like you and I, find out that we were practically tricked, more often than not we’re bound to lose faith in these ads, particularly when some of these advertisers use so-called click-baits, ruin the reputation of entire niches. Generally speaking, modern people are extremely cautious and very suspicious.


If you want to run a successful business then you must take a good care for your business reputation, especially on the World Wide Web. There are many different ways to achieve this, but there are also certain elements that can have negative impact on your business’ reputation.


Extraordinary marketing claims can quickly damage the reputation of your business and halt its expansion and growth. We are presenting you a short list of these claims – make sure you avoid them at all costs.


Promising Precise Profit Figures

This is not something new for online users. There are dozens of ads that present certain webinars or programs that promise making certain amount of money in one month or one year. Keep in mind that if you promise profit and you offer specific figures on the rate of return on investment, you could very easily find yourself in hot water, or even court!


There are numerous tales in which promising precise profit figures in advertisement led to lawsuits. While it is true that you may have used that method and you’ve earned the exact amount of money you are advertising, this doesn’t give you the right to offer the same promises to every single client you work with.


Deceptive Information About the Final Product

Sometimes, advertisers use another tactic that can ultimately damage the business’ reputation. They make promises based on facts, but they don’t reveal the details about how you can reach the promised results.


For instance, you can say that using certain program or webinar can help you make millions, but you don’t mention that you need to possess specific knowledge, qualifications, training and investing in time. If the reader has all these details, they probably won’t click the ad.


Making Promises About Fast and Significant Results

Making promises about fast and significant results is another way to ruin your reputation. Of course, most buyers will pay more if they can witness results fast, but as you are probably aware, the road to success is not short.


If you are planning to be successful and you want your business to continue growing, you need to be careful with your marketing claims. Honesty is always the BEST policy. After all, online users are extemely educated these days and it doesn’t take much for a savvy Internet user to see straight through your thinly veiled, unachievebale claims.

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