A GREAT web designer isn’t afraid to say NO!

YES, you read that correctly. When you are ready to get started on a website redesign or a new website project, be prepared to hear the word no. Because a great web designer won’t be afraid to say it.


In case you are interested in using the services of a professional website developer in Warrnambool, either because you want to create a brand new website from scratch or you just want to refresh the appearance and functionality of your existing website, you should know that a high quality web designer could very well refuse to work with you. Please don’t take this personally because there are many reasons why web designers like us, won’t take every single projects that comes their way.


We get a lot of enquiries here at WestVic Web. Clients and potential clients who all have BIG ideas about their next online project. Sometimes they are great ideas and sometimes they aren’t.


That’s not to say that we have a lot of people come to us with bad ideas. But, we do get requests from potential clients that sometimes aren’t going to be a good fit for the products and services we offer, and unfortunately, after assessing the situation, we’ll have to tell them no.


As a matter of fact, a true professional in the web design and online marketing industry will assess the project and offer their own unique ideas and possible direction for the project. After all, our main goal at WestVic Web is to come to a solution that will satisfy the requirements of our clients and meet the abilities of our web design company.


Let me share a story of a potential client I had to turn away, as our products and services would not fulfil her needs. A few months ago I had a call from a really lovely lady who had an idea for a new online business, for which she needed a brand new website. Our new friend had been referred to WestVic Web from another of our successful clients, and had heard great things about what our talented team can do. We talked for a while, and I really loved her idea for the website and felt like she had a great energy and commitment to her project. And then I had to turn her away.


The reason I said no to this project (and a potentially large pay-cheque) wasn’t because her idea was stupid, it wasn’t because I didn’t think she’d be a great client. The reason was because her vision was too big and I knew it. It was too big of a project for a small web design and marketing company in Warrnambool to take on. Luckily, I’ve had some fantastic experiences and interactions with larger web development firms, marketing departments, advertising agencies and promotions companies, and I was able to provide her with some quality referrals. We had a great conversation and I have absolutely no doubt that when she needs a smaller scale project (or even just a second opinion), she’s going to come back to me because I wasn’t afraid to say no.


Knowing what I do best, but also knowing my limitations, is my super power. I’m not going to say yes to your project if it’s not a good fit, if I don’t think it’s a good idea, and if I don’t think you are going to be a great client. That’s why when we start talking, I am going to ask a lot of questions. Because I want to solve YOUR problems. And if I can’t, I want to tell you who can.

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