3 Problems Faced by EVERY DIY Web Designer

There are millions of people today that have tried their hand at DIY website design. DIY web designers tend to go for some of the popular website builders that often offer more than they can deliver, and they are making potentially harmful mistakes when it comes to design. Some are so bad, that they are scratching their heads as to why no one is visiting their webpage or why the bounce rate is hovering at around 95%. If you try to go at it alone, be warned! You could potentially see your online reach diminished and your entire online presence jeopardised, if fail to follow correct design principles.


Avoid these 3 common problems faced by DIY web designers:


Hidden or Confusing Navigation


The number one issue that many business owners fail to recognise occurring on their DIY websites is navigational flaws. If the end user (your customers) cannot easily navigate through your web pages, access the information they desire, order an item or contact your business, you’re going to have a high bounce rate. Professionals web designers in Warrnambool like WestVic Web focus on simple navigation, even if it requires cosmetic changes. If you hide the navigation, over complicate the navigation, or cause your customers to “think” too much when they are trying to access information or support on your website, you could very well end up losing their business.


Problems With Images and Graphics


When you’re running a business, your images have to be royalty free, paid for, or your own. If you are updating your page with images you found online, or you don’t edit the code to ensure that they are optimised for several different internet search engines, you’re could potentially lose your audience yet again. There are a lot of image issues that you’re going to run into, and if you try to go with a “FREE” web host, you’ll find that storage, placement, editing, modifications, and much more will cause you great headaches.


Creating Only Static Pages


This is certainly one of the biggest issues that you’re going to run into when you endeavour to make your own website. You will be limited to static pages. These are the kind of websites that were popular in 1998, not today. If you don’t have any sort of dynamic elements to your site, get ready for lackluster results and ranking at the bottom half of the internet search world, not to mention an unattractive, outdated website.


The answer to these issues and many others is simple: hire a professional web design company in Warrnambool! Even if you’re skeptical, test it out once, and see how far your website can fly when you avoid the aforementioned mistakes. It will most certainly change the way you view web development, particularly with an increased return on investment you would otherwise have missed out on with a cheap looking DIY website solution.


At WestVic Web in Warrnambool, we can help you achieve more online, with a stunning website that avoids all the pitfalls of a DIY website builder. Still not convinced? Arrange a catch up over coffee to see exactly what we can do for YOU! 

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