What Does Your Email Address Say About Your Business?

The increasingly connected world we live in today is highly reliant on email communication. Corporate communications also rely heavily on email for interaction between potential customers, existing customers and other businesses. Any serious business will have a number of email addresses depending on a team member, individual role or even department. This means that to maintain contact with partners and customers alike, your business will require a business email address.


However, it is important to ensure that your business is utilising a professional email address, which should take the form of yourname@yourbusiness.com instead of yourname@yourinternetserviceprovider.com This type of email address offers a variety of benefits that will propel your business to even greater heights.


Benefits of a Customised Business Email Address


Improved Credibility


When you use a personal email address supplied by Hotmail, Gmail or an Internet service provider as your business email address, this greatly reduces your credibility. In today’s day and age, where unsavoury businesses and individuals have taken their activities online as well, it is important to ensure that you use an email addresses which is credible and can be verified against your business name. Any customer or internet user who receives an email from a personal account registered under a free email services provider has every right to feel suspicious when they claim to be a credible business. On the other hand, an email address that includes your company name will instantly appear more credible and alleviate any concerns as to the source of your communication.


Enhanced Branding


Every time you send out an email with your company name included in it, you can benefit from improving the awareness of your brand. Recipients will be able to instantly recognise your business name and, as a result, become adequately aware of it. This is a major part of your branding strategy that should not be ignored. A professional business email address also lays the groundwork for using a branding signature in all your email messages.


Become Memorable


When you send emails using your business name as part of the email address they are far easier to memorise and refer to at a later date, making it easier for your partners and customers to communicate with you or pass on your email address via word of mouth. A customised email address that is tied to your business name and website will make it easier for other businesses and interested partners and customers to communicate with you. The address is easy to remember as it includes the business name and not a complicated collection of numbers and letters.


Perpetual Ownership


One of the most important aspects of any business is its perpetual continuity. This should also apply to your business email address. For instance when you have a customised email address you do not need to worry about changing it as it is yours to keep for as long as the website domain associated to your business remains registered. However, a free internet service may choose to rebrand or you might even be forced to change your internet service providers and, therefore, be forced to change your email address as well.


Does your business have a professional email address? If not, get in touch with Web Design Warrnambool and enquire about our email hosting services. Better yet, if your website is hosted with us, we offer FREE email hosting using a personalised email address for your business! 

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