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In case you are still not using video content on your website, you should know that you are not using one of  the BEST elements of online marketing.


There are some figures that can portray the importance of video marketing these days. For example, according to some statistics more than 30% of mobile device users watch more than 60 minutes of videos each day. Furthermore, experts suggest that by 2017 about 75% of the entire internet traffic will be video. These numbers are amazing and they will certainly make you interested in video content. No matter if your website is new or you have years of experience, it is never late to start using video content. In order to do that you should take few things into consideration.


Make a detailed plan


One of the first things that you should do is to focus on one message in every video. The videos should be short and it would be really confusing if you try to send several messages at once. That’s why you need to find the right message, stick to it and present in the right way. You need to have short introduction, speak about the problems users may face and present your product or service (your message) as the appropriate solution.


Hire a video production company/individual or use your own equipment


Thanks to the advance of technology, professional video equipment is now more accessible than ever. With your own video equipment you can produce high-quality videos that truly stand. However, it’s not all about the equipment. If you don’t know how to produce a professional-looking video or you are not ready to invest in equipment it is the best idea to hire a professional company that can help you. There are many professionals like this offering their services on the market.


Use video editing software


No matter who created the video you should definitely have video editing software in order to modify the video. Modern software solutions are so simple that anyone can learn how to edit videos. What is even better is that there is a trial period for almost all popular editing software apps. It may be a good idea to use a trial version before paying for the full application. In addition, there is free software too.


Don’t forget the call-to-action element


Even the greatest videos won’t have powerful effect if they don’t contain call-to-action. You need to find a way to ask the viewers to try the product or service or directly ask them to buy the product/service. You can use different strategies – direct calls, adding links to landing pages etc.


Monitor, Analyze and Make Progress


Remember that this is a process that is not simple. It will take time before you see the first results. You need to monitor all the changes and analyze the different videos you post in order to make progress. Finally, you should also follow the latest trends because video marketing is an area that is constantly changing and if you don’t implement these changes in your new videos you risk to damage your brand image.

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