How SEO Affects Search Engine Rankings

Having an online presence is crucial. More consumers are searching for products & services in their local area before they make purchases from real brick-&-mortar stores. With an ever increasing amount of competition from local and international suppliers, simply having a website is no longer going to deliver a consistent stream of new customers. To drive more traffic to your website from search engines, you need to utilise search engine optimisation. But how exactly does SEO affect search engine rankings?


Higher Rankings For Targeted Keywords


With search engine optimisation, your website—as the name suggests—is optimised to rank higher in a search engine’s results page. There are numerous benefits of an SEO strategy in Warrnambool, but the major advantage you receive from SEO is an increase in rankings for a specific set of keywords and phrases. With search engine optimisation, your website will begin to climb higher in the rankings for those targeted terms, allowing the potential customers who search for YOUR products & services to find your website before a competitors.


Increase In Traffic For Untargeted Keywords


One of the most powerful aspects of search engine optimisation is that it impacts search engines for more than just the keywords you target. As your SEO campaign develops over time, your site will continue to build authority and start ranking for what are known as “long tail” keywords. Users are becoming far more specific with searches and ranking for long tail keywords can help you capture an even greater share of online traffic than those who are not using SEO at all.




SEO & Local Listings


If you are a small business with an actual physical storefront, SEO can have a massive impact on local search results in Warrnambool. With local search engine optimisation, businesses can appear on the large map that appears at the top of local search results which once again, makes it easier for potential customers to navigate to your website, even before they have had a chance to view the standard listings below.


These are just a handful of the benefits related to search engine optimisation. In reality SEO, should form just one part of your website marketing strategy. To truly get the most out of your online presence, you need to incorporate a variety of techniques & tactics to achieve greater results.


Still unsure if SEO could be beneficial to YOUR business? Want more information about online marketing & in particular, search engine optimisation? Speak to Warrnambool’s SEO experts at WestVic Web!


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