Should You Spend Money On Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world. There are millions of active Facebook users on a daily basis. This social media platform has outgrown its purpose (communication among friends) and has become a powerful business platform too. Businesses that are planning to create serious marketing strategies should definitely include Facebook in their plans.


There are many social media experts who can confirm the high return on investment when it comes to advertising on Facebook. What is interesting is that this is a much more affordable solution of sponsored (paid) advertising when compared to Google AdWords, and in most cases the effects can be just as good (if not better!)


By sponsoring posts or using Facebook ads you can attract new prospective clients, keep your existing fanbase loyal and expand your business into new markets. Furthermore, many successful online businesses have confirmed that these ads are particularly effective for brand new startup businesses because traditional marketing methods can be quite expensive, whereas online marketing campaigns can be a far less costly advertising strategy.


Some of the most important reasons for using Facebook ads are highlighted below:


Facebook is used by millions of users


One of the main reasons why business owners use Facebook, is the fact that it can reach a huge audience and this is one of the basic goals of every marketing campaign. According to some statistics there are over 1.4 billion users and companies that use Facebook almost every day. So, there is no doubt that your business should be part of this huge group. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about other marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), email marketing, traditional offline marketing, or even advertising on other social media platforms. However if you are new to world of social media marketing (or even online marketing for that matter) and you have a limited budget you should first start with Facebook ads.


Facebook ad campaigns let you target a specific audience


As previously mentioned, Facebook is used by people and companies that belong to a vast array of trades, industries, sectors and categories. However, what makes the Facebook ad program truly special is the opportunity to select the exact audience that will view these ads. In other words, you can target people who have demonstrated a keen interest in your products or services. You can target potential customers via their age, gender, location, occupation, status, interests, device preference, and much, much more!


Facebook ads are a digital version of traditional word-of-mouth activity


Whenever a user likes your Facebook page or status or comments on your page, a large number of their friends and followers will be notified via the news feed. So, there is a fair chance that some of their friends, family or colleagues will take an interests and like your products, services and business page too. This is a great way to expose your business to even more potential customers without paying a cent. Of course, in order to get the best results make sure to create an attractive Facebook page and subsequent website to ensure their interest is validated.


Facebook ads are cheap (compared to Google ads)


While it is true that Google is the most popular website on the planet, the fact remains that the price of their ads are much higher when compared to Facebook ads. If we take a closer look at the ROI (return of investment) it may be more beneficial for your particular industry to invest in Facebook ads. This is especially true for small businesses, where the marketing budget is generally far less than established enterprises. Just like Google AdWords, you can select a daily budget that you would like to spend and the ads can be stopped at any moment.


Remember to try a variety of options, targeting different user groups with a variety of advertising styles. See what works best for your business and continue to review, adapt and evolve. After all, the online crowd is forever changing and it is up to you and your business to ensure your potential customers’ needs are being met.


Do you still have doubts about advertising on Facebook? Perhaps you need some help setting up target audiences or marketing budgets? Never fear! WestVic Web can assist with all your social media marketing requirements.

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