Convert Browsers into Buyers with a CALL TO ACTION

A call to action is one of the most important elements of Internet marketing. We have all seen the typical call-to-action buttons or banners like Start Your Free Trial Now, Click Here, Download Here etc.


As the name suggests, an effective call to action will encourage users to take actions whenever they see this banner/button. They are used to encourage visitors to click, call, purchase or take some other action that leads to conversions/sales.


When we are talking about brick and mortar stores, there are salespersons that are trying to convince the customers to buy some product.


Since it is impossible to use their help in the virtual world, you should rely on call to actions and other elements that can turn visitors into customers.


In other words, if you don’t use call to action, your website is not effective. As we said before, a call to action can be represented with a banner, button, small text, graphic or any other element that can encourage visitors to make the purchase.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that an effective call to action can replace the unique content and professional web design. This is just one of the elements that lead to conversion.





So, how to come up with a good call to action?


  1. Make sure users know what they will get in return


It is always a good idea to include some kind of reward in the call to action you are presenting. This will definitely trigger a reaction in most users. For instance, you can use some of the following phrases:


  • Contact us to learn more
  • Sign up today and get a 10% discount
  • Subscribe to our newsletter and get free membership
  • Support our cause and become part of our contest


In addition, you should use words that will make users act fast. Point out that the offer is available for a certain period of time (one week, one month etc.).


  1. Create a call to action that is noticeable


Different experts have different opinions about the right position of this element. Most of them agree that it is better to use this banner/button high and in the center of the page. The position will depend on the appearance of your page. What is important is to make a call to action that is easy to notice.


  1. Make it different


In order to avoid any confusion, use call to action that has bigger size compared to other elements on your page. In addition take care of the colors (different from the rest of the colors, but compatible) and use the background to make a contrast.


  1. Use this call to action on all of the pages on your website


Don’t use it only on your home page. Add this call to action on every page on your website. If the pages are significantly different, make sure to modify the call to action according to their appearance in order to get better results.



It goes without saying, including an engaging CALL TO ACTION is vital to your businesses success in today’s increasingly connected world. If YOU need assistance with boosting your conversion rate on the web, get in touch with WestVic Web, Warrnambool’s No.1 Web Design Company today!

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