3 Web Design Features You Must Have Today

Web design today has taken a variety of courses. One of these courses is DIY website design and if you’re not careful it can quickly cause you and your business a great deal of headaches. Even though some web design professionals in Warrnambool warn against DIY web design, many first time website owners still prefer to use a FREE or low cost web design solution.


The truth of the matter is simple, there isn’t a way to trump professional edge, however there are some features you can include in your DIY website to improve its chances of success. Design protocol in the modern era falls into 3 major features, and if you don’t have these, your website will start to diminish reach through search engines today.


Custom Design


Let’s say that you go with a cheap or FREE website template. There’s nothing wrong with an affordable template, except for the fact that it will look like many other web pages online. If you find a great one, you’ll see that upwards of thousands of sites online and even some in your industry have the same website. That’s duplicate code structures, and even content. Duplicates are often dropped out of search results, and will cause you to deal with a variety of issues that will quickly reduce your online traffic to less than pleasing numbers. Custom design makes your site stand out, and establishes a certain professional edge that cheap website templates simply can’t match.


Responsive Website Design


In 2015 you will find that online users aren’t just surfing the internet via their desktop computers. Everyday people like you and I are using smartphones, tablets, and digital devices that utilise a variety of screen shapes, sizes and browser. This is very different to years gone by, and if your website doesn’t comply with the standards of today’s internet audience, it will be left behind. You want your website to fit on all screens, and ensure it is responsive to smaller devices. Delivering information to any screen in a fast, responsive manner is something that professionals like Web Design Warrnambool stake our reputation on.


SEO Friendly Structure


Here’s the kicker, if you don’t have code, content, and scripting that is compliant with the standards of the search engine optimisation algorithm, you simply will not get listed or ranked on the first page of a results page. You may get indexed, but you will not rise to the top of search results for your industry or niche. If you’re not moving up the listings, you will find it very difficult to get the amount of traffic to your website that you desire and that could end up causing your business to have a greatly reduced reach overall.


The 3 web design features you need today are just part of the overall picture required to succeed online. When you have these features enabled through the help of a professional web design company like us, you will gain leverage in any industry, and niche, guaranteed!


Contact WestVic Web today if you wish to benefit from these AMAZING website features!

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