Why A Local Web Host Could Save YOUR Business

If you want a website, it has to be stored somewhere before your customers can actually see it. All of the code, images, databases, & other information that you use on your website has to be placed on a web server so that users will be able to access it from their computers, phones, & tablets. Web servers are actual physical machines similar to a computer, but their sole purpose & all of their resources are used to display websites. Having a local web hosting provider that is located near your business (in Warrnambool) has a number advantages over using web servers located across the globe:


Faster Results For Your Audience


When someone accesses your website, the first thing they do is type in your domain. Your domain tells their device where your website files are located. Accessing information that is nearby is a lot quicker than having to access information that is stored halfway around the world. The closer your web server is to your audience, the faster it will be for them to receive the information they have requested & access your website.




If you have a customer that is in Warrnambool but you have a web server that is located somewhere in India, there are a number of different things that can occur. Information travels through different routes on the Internet & the further away a website is, the more times that information is routed. As a result, the connection between a web server located further away could time out & fail making your website inaccessible. Local web servers in relation to your customers can boost reliability & guarantee your site has no downtime.


Customer Support


Support for a local web server is something that can’t easily be quantified but we all know that it is easier to call up a local business than it is to try & deal with a multinational corporation that is based out of some other country on a different time zone. Local web hosts like us understand the needs of local businesses which makes getting the support you need faster & easier.


Still unsure if a local website hosting company could be beneficial to YOUR business? Speak to the website hosting experts at WestVic Web today!

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