Professional Web Design vs. DIY Website Builders

There are a variety of options available to business owners & individuals in Warrnambool that require a website. With personal computers & applications much more powerful than they were in the past & the Internet offering access to a huge range of resources, one of the latest trends in building a website is the DIY website builder.

These website builders allow people with minimal web design knowledge to put together a basic website in a short period of time. But are they worth it? Here are a few key differences in using a DIY website builder vs. a professional web design company in Warrnambool:


Some Builders Cannot Be Seen By Search Engines


There are many builders that not only operate in, but create entire websites in an outdated form of technology known as Flash. Flash can be handy for certain elements of particular sites, but a full Flash website presents major problems.

The main problem being that Google & other search engines cannot read a Flash website because it works almost like a miniature application. If Google cannot read the content on your website, it is impossible for them to index your site as they simply do not know what your website (or business) is about.

Furthermore, Flash simply will not work on Apple products. Anyone browsing your products on an iPhone or iPad, won’t be able to access your website!





Free or Cheap Is Not Always Free Or Cheap


One of the most common reasons people choose to use a DIY website builder is because they are marketed as a cheap website solution or a FREE web solution.

Those terms are used somewhat loosely & may not be as cheap as it originally appears to be. While there may not be an upfront design cost like you often need to pay for with custom website design, many “FREE” website builders require you to pay very expensive monthly hosting costs which, over the lifetime of your website, can be much more expensive than paying for a site & using affordable web hosting.

Some “FREE” website builders are not even free at all; just a free trial.


Web design Is More Than What Meets The Eye


Perhaps the most important thing to realise is that website design & development goes far beyond just the look of a website.

While having a custom website design does allow you to put your branding at the forefront, web design is also about having coding that is compliant with the latest web standards, having a site that works on mobile devices as well as desktop devices, & uses industry best practices to help your site get rank higher in the search engines.


Without extensive knowledge in all of these aspects, DIY website builders may give you a half decent “shell” of a website, but behind the curtain things look a lot different. To truly stay competitive in today’s market, you have to ensure that your business benefits from the competitive advantage you need to truly succeed online.


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