5 Mistakes to Avoid in YOUR Next Online Venture

It is no wonder why so many people are starting online businesses in Warrnambool, Portland, Hamilton, Colac, Port Fairy and EVERYWHERE in between. Online business provides global access 24/7, cuts expenses, provides fast delivery of products, many opportunities to grow etc. In other words, starting an online business is much easier and simpler than starting a traditional business. However, this is only the first step toward success. There are certain mistakes that beginner online business owners make that have ruined their business ventures. In order to avoid these mistakes we have come up with a list of mistakes you should avoid when starting an online business.


  1. Starting a business without a plan


Just like any other type of business, online business will become successful only if you have a solid plan and strategy. There are many people who are eager to start their business and believe that they can create a plan once their online business started. This is wrong because this process consumes time and the mistakes you can make in the beginning can destroy all the chances to grow. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need a plan for the next two decades and a plan that contains many pages. The basic goal is to learn more about your prospective clients, your products/services and the demand for these products. You also need to determine your budget and how long it can support your business.


  1. Neglecting the budget


It is always a good idea to have a positive attitude, but you can’t count on luck and optimism when it comes to money. Chances are that you will be left without money before you start making profit. It is crucial to know your budget, estimate the burn rate and create a plan about making money before you are left without money. Set smaller goals and reach these goals as fast as you can. Raise funds in the beginning, not when you realize that you are left without money.


  1. Paying too much attention to small things


When you are starting an online business, you need to take a look at the big picture. Spending your time and energy about small things like finding the right banner for your Facebook fan page instead of making long-term strategy can lower the chances for success. Make priorities and focus on these priorities.


  1. Not investing in customer service


Many business owners that have started working on the Internet are trying to save money by investing in automated support services. Some of them avoid investing in these services. If you are new on the market, it is crucial to develop a good customer service in order to establish trust and build a good brand name. The good news is that such investment won’t cost you much on the Internet.


  1. Not paying attention to social media


Social media presence is a must for every online business. You should create social media profiles on at least two social media platforms. Analyze your audience and be more active on the social media networks they use. Don’t try to be active on all social media platforms because this is a time-consuming task.



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