Should You Include Testimonials on Your Website?

There is no question that displaying testimonials from your customers on your website is a highly effective way to demonstrate the experience and expertise of your business, all the while instilling trust and credibility with potential customers. When done well, customer testimonials add legitimacy to your website and build trust with interested buyers. At the same time, it can provide your potential customers a sneak peek as to what they can actually expect out of your offered product or service.


If you are at the point wherein you are still in doubt whether or not to include customer reviews on your website, here are the reasons why our Warrnambool web designers believe your business can benefit from displaying testimonials on your website:


Customers Don’t Want to Be the Guinea Pigs


It seems that there is logic behind the idea of not wanting to try something out first. Customers can be a fearful bunch and rarely want to be involved in an experiment– something that nobody else has done before them. YOUR customers, in general, like seeing evidence that other people have already used your product or service (and hopefully had a great experience while doing so.) Your customers want to know whether or not your products or services are worth their time and money, and can generate REAL value and REAL return on investment for their business. One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of your business is by displaying REAL customer testimonials on your website.


How Did YOUR Product Actually Help Other People?


One of the BEST forms of advertising is still word of mouth. Customers speaking positively regarding an experience with your product or service is one of the fastest & most effective ways to build your customer base. Testimonials on your website represent an online form of word of mouth advertising. Examples of your previous works, accompanied with a written testimonial can present your products and services in a lighter note, displaying to potential customers how your products have actually helped them– REAL people!


Add Statistics to Prove a Point!


Adding statistical data to prove that your product or service can indeed help them or their business is particularly effective. This data can offer clear evidence and a reassuring and positive outlook, which can encourage your audience to understand how effective your offer is. At the same time, it is also a very effective way to summarise your proposal.


Testimonials Can Address & Eliminate Potential Concerns


By displaying customer testimonials and reviews on your website, you offer website visitors the opportunity to alleviate any particular concerns before they even start to make their purchase. Some buyers may be unsure of the level of quality or service, which can be highlighted by displaying testimonials on your website.


The Right Way to Use Testimonials


Having understood the advantages of posting testimonials from customers on your website, there are a number of things that need to be considered. Most importantly, your testimonials should be 100% real. There is nothing more obvious and ineffective than a fake customer testimonial. Offer brilliant service and the reviews will come, I promise! At the same time, reviews should be placed in a location on your website, which is particularly relevant. Consider your HOME page or ABOUT page, or if you are particularly proud of your best reviews, consider an entire page for testimonials.  In this way, you can be assured that the testimonials are not just seen, but also understood.


The best testimonials share four important characteristics. They are:


  • Concise. Online readers generally won’t take the time to read long-winded comments about your product or your business. Use short, crisp testimonials that say what they need to say in a couple of sentences.
  • Credible. Testimonials should contain high, but reasonable, praise. Never use them to make false claims or promises, and don’t just make them up. Readers can tell when a business fabricates its own testimonials.
  • Specific. Don’t try to cover everything about your product in one testimonial. Instead, focus on one or two attributes or benefits of using your product or service. Avoid vague or unclear testimonials, no matter how enthusiastic about your company or your product they may be.
  • Outcome oriented. Strive for testimonials that describe specific outcomes, such as saving time, lowering costs, solving a problem or doing things more efficiently. These give prospects a clear idea of what your product can do for them.


Remember to add a healthy dose of credibility to your business website by sprinkling testimonials from your best customers throughout your website pages.


Still unsure if adding customer testimonials to your website could be beneficial to YOUR business? Want more information or web design & online marketing advice? Speak to Warrnambool’s website design experts at WestVic Web!

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