Blogging For Business Is About More Than Just SEO

Blogging provides a huge range of benefits for businesses both large and small. This highly valuable practice goes far beyond search engine optimisation (SEO). A lot of business owners believe that blogging will not be effective if their social media reach is limited, however blogging for business offers many more advantages than just driving traffic to YOUR company’s website.


Blogging Demonstrates the Personality of YOUR Business


People trust businesses if they know more about the people and personalities behind it. It goes without saying, the more likeable businesses and their owners are, the more likely potential customers will love to do business with them. When consumers search for a service provider, they often check three or more websites before making a purchasing decision. More often than not, a business with a blog that showcases the people and personalities behind the business will inevitably attract more customers.


A Blog Establishes You as a Thought Leader


Blogging is the perfect way to show to the world how much you know about the industry in which you operate. A business blog is a fantastic way to establish yourself as a knowledgable leader, due to the fact your customers will be looking for your opinion on various issues related to the industry, trade or sector you participate in. Your blog will not only benefit your SEO strategy, it will also establish you as an expert in your chosen field and you will reap amazing benefits from being one.


Blogging Allows You to Share Knowledge to the World


There’s no better way to share information to the rest of the world than through your blog. This way, you can demonstrate your expertise while offering valuable information to readers. Many businesses believe that blogging is just for SEO purposes. They simply don’t understand why they should share information for free. But what many business owners fail to realise is that providing something for free will ALWAYS deliver something in return. People are more likely to do business with a company that has offered free, expert knowledge on their website.


Most of the time, the information on a blog is will provide a brief overview on a particular topic. When readers want a more specific advice, they will contact the writer or business. This is just one way of developing relationships with potential clients.





Blogging Connects Businesses with Customers


When you publish an article, readers can comment on it, share it or like it on popular social media channels. This is the start of a conversation around a subject matter that you are an expert on. A blog is therefore a fantastic way to start a community. Through these connections, you have created a highly effective sales force for your business. Despite the fact the person who commented on or shared the post may not necessarily require your products or services, chances are they will know someone who does.


Blog Posts Remain Online Forever!


Blog posts never go away! When people search Google, there’s a strong chance they will stumble upon your blog or a particular post (assuming the content is valuable and search engine optimised). Google, the search engine giant, loves websites that share useful content and as a result rank them higher on the search engine results page. Through blogging, you have a permanent marketing tool.


Blogging can require a substantial commitment, but the more you participate in blogging, the less time it will take to develop highly valuable content. If you take two to three hours a month to write at least two blog posts, you will have at least 24 posts throughout the year that will showcase your expert knowledge. Content is still the king when it comes to SEO and Google will love your website (and it reward it) for the fresh content you provide.


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