[TOP SECRET] How to Build the PERFECT Website!

Building a website should be the ultimate priority to increase brand, business, product or service awareness. With a multitude of professional web design options to choose from, it is now easier than ever to build a website. The main problem faced by business owners is what constitutes a perfect website design that will generate a huge amount of traffic from the Internet and deliver more sales for your business. For a company whose brand has been at top of the charts before Internet was born, ensuring users visit their website is easy. However, for those start-up businesses who are looking to dominate their respective industries, it can pose a a number of headaches.


4 website elements required to build the perfect website include:


  • User-Friendly Layout
  • Easy Navigation
  • Simple Web Page Titles
  • Amazing Content!


Continue reading to discover how WestVic Web combine these elements to build the perfect website!


User-Friendly Layout


No one will dispute that a website with stunning visuals can be eye catching. You can easily amaze potential customers, but for them to stay looking, a website has to go beyond just the enchanting images you offer online.

While a professional web designer in Warrnambool can easily create a splashy or a unique web design for added zest, many of them (us included) would recommend a more user-friendly structure over a flashy website riddled with navigational issues.

It is extremely important to focus on a structure and layout that will allow the target audience to navigate the site effortlessly. If you explore successful sites online, you will discover that the majority of them have one thing in common. A website must be easy to use!





Easy Navigation


Being different to your competitors is indeed a fantastic way to stand out, but if you employ a unique navigational structure on your website, it creates a HUGE problem when users find themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Not everyone has the patience to discover how a new interface works. Users tend to stick to what they are familiar with. Remember that not everyone is computer savvy. When they get lost on your website, you can be assured they will be quickly reaching for the back button. This is the easiest way to lose a potential customer.


Simple Web Page Titles


Quirky and whimsical page titles in a website can be distinctly adorable but not for the majority of users. Online users (your customers) want a simple and easy to understand website that fulfils their needs. Just like when you go to a supermarket when you look for the meat section, they don’t display “proteins” on the signage.

The biggest mistake when building a site is creating a web design that will confuse visitors. Stick to the most common and familiar webpage titles. It may sound generic, but that is what users expect to see especially if you are targeting a specific market.


Amazing Content


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Content is king! The more valuable information a user finds on a website, the higher the chances they will keep coming back for more or tell their friends, family and colleagues. More does not necessarily mean long, but instead can be concise and rich.

Prioritise quality over quantity. Always update your content to attract more users and offer a variety of topics. This would also be attractive to the search engines thereby generating more website visitors.


Following these website design principles allow us to create websites that not only look great, but work well too! If you require a website that delivers outstanding results for your business, get in touch with WestVic Web today!

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